Instagram’s Boys in Makeup


This year Covergirl Cosmetics named their first ever male brand ambassador, James Charles (@jamescharles). To many male makeup artists, amateur and professional, this was an enormous step towards breaking down the gender binary that exists in the wonderful world of makeup. However, James isn’t the only boy making waves in the beauty community. I have compiled a list of eight of my favourite boys in makeup with varying follow counts, styles and personalities, who can be found on Instagram.

Thomas Halbert (@thomashalbert)

Photo: Instagram

Let’s kick off the list with this gorgeous creature. With his technicolour freckles, neon pouts and cheekbones that could cut glass, I’m not quite convinced that Thomas is of this planet. Regardless, we should consider ourselves lucky that he would grace Instagram with his presence.

Timothy Hung (@timothyhungcom)

Photo: Instagram

Whoever said makeup isn’t a form of art clearly has never seen Timothy’s work. He incorporates face paint, jewels, paper, beads and some of the most outrageous lashes you’ve ever seen to create beautiful, editorial monsters.

Muva Doll (@poeticdrugs)

Photo: Instagram

Have you ever seen highlight so blinding? Glitter is this boy’s specialty. Luxuriant, glamorous and never too modest, Muva is an MUA to keep your eyes on (not that you’d be able to take them off of him if you tried.)

Alan (@alannized)

Photo: Instagram

Alan is the epitome of glam. Bold brows, bold lips, bold highlight… who says you have to pick just one?

Jack Emory (@makeupbyjaack)

Photo: Instagram

One look at Jack’s Instagram and it’s clear that the boy has talent. But what makes him even more loveable is his carefree attitude and passion for self-expression. #blendthehateaway

Mar (@themarcollective)

Photo: Instagram

Mar is a triple threat. He can do glam, he can do cosplay and he can do drag… and slay all three categories. Somehow Mar manages to pull off bubblegum pink and glitter one day and the next day, gothic supermodel.

Jesus Gomez (@jesssusgomez)

Photo: Instagram

Jesus’ makeup is a work of technical perfection. He never shies away from an extreme close up because his application is absolutely uncriticizable. I dare you to find a flaw in that liner.

Zachary Domingo (@barbiegutz)

Photo: Instagram

Not only does Zachary have the makeup game on lock but he’s no stranger to fashion either. This boy’s mug is always perfectly complimented by a statement hat, a chic trench-coat or whatever else made the last cover of Vogue.

It seems that makeup is finally being recognized as a worthwhile talent and a respected form of artistic expression. There’s really no reason that the joy that comes with painting your face should be kept exclusive to women. The amazing men on this list are a big part of why makeup is becoming more widely accepted as a gender neutral practice. They’re opening the door for people of all gender identities and expressions to show what they can do and I really can’t wait to watch the makeup community continue to grow in diversity because of this.

Header Photo: Instagram

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