My Favourite Fashion People on Instagram


In no particular order, these are the people I found that inspire the way I style my outfits on a day-to-day basis. They encourage me to take risks when it comes to fashion, in order to express my sense of style. Their profiles introduced me to the fashion industry’s activism, which is something that everyone should gain knowledge on – in order to stand for what they believe is right. I truly believe anyone can find some sense of inspiration and creativity from this group who have positively influenced my own style.

  1. Alyssa Campanella (@alysscampanella)

Who: Alyssa Campanella is a blogger, model and beauty pageant titleholder (she won the 2011 Miss USA pageant). She recently created “The A List” where she is the style and travel editor of the blog. She is also married to actor Torrance Coombs, which is how I stumbled upon this icon while creeping her husband on Instagram, who at the time worked on my favourite TV show of the moment, Reign.

Feed: Pictures of herself wearing gorgeous feminine and flirty outfits, posing in front of wondrous European structures, expressing her style through her travel photos. Including, a few personal snaps of her hubby, cats, and little indulgent treats. If you like traveling and style then this is the ideal account to follow.

Why I love her: I love her sense of style and how she is able to embrace and show it within her instagram account. Her style is flirty, feminine, the “girl next door” look, and even a little bit out there. She is able to give you creative ideas of how you could potentially wear clothing if you’re feeling a little uninspired with your own apparel.

  1. Bella Hadid (@bellahadid)


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Who: 20-year-old American Model who is the younger sister of Gigi Hadid.

Feed: A mixture of personal life, shoots and of course the stylish, sexy attire she is able to put together. She shows her personality through her account by posting what she truly wants to show the world including family, friends, and her own sense of style she incorporates into her life. She posts many outfit pictures of herself, mostly the pieces that she personally put together, which help others to think more creatively in terms of creating an outfit.

Why I love her: I love Bella Hadid. I love her style; personally, I wish I had the body and the money to afford her style. I would incorporate every outfit of hers into my own wardrobe. I like how simple most of her outfits are, she usually sticks to black or nude tones within her wardrobe, sometimes surprising spectators by wearing a tight red sleeveless dress that accentuates her body to a T. I love how she incorporates lace and my own personal favourite, the denim skirt. Both of these items have inspired my own attire, just from viewing her Instagram.

  1. Bryanboy (@bryanboycom)

Stole and stripes /@fendi #Fur

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Who: A Filipino fashion blogger who posts vividly on both his Instagram account and fashion blog.

Feed: Active poster – there’s something new every single day. He posts the stores he’s visiting, fashion pieces that are inspiring, his own personal outfits, food he’s eating, showing his own perspective of New York fashion to his followers. More recently, he has been sharing his thoughts on what’s going on the world, for instance the election and his stance, how he wishes they could persuade Gucci to relocate their flagship away from Trump Towers. Bryan incorporates posts on makeup and more feminine looks into his wardrobe by wearing dresses, heels and accessories, which often inspire my own wardrobe.

Why I love him: He gives me a glimpse of the fashion world in New York City, showing his favourite stores, fashionable places to eat and his own personal life with family and friends. I enjoy his fashion industry activism, he is not afraid to let his followers know the truth and he encourages them to take action and stand up for what they believe in. I also enjoy his sense of femininity and how he incorporates makeup into his life, enhancing his image.

  1. Samantha Maria (@samanthamariaofficial)

Who: British YouTuber and fashion blogger. She is also the co-founder of London Fashion label, NOVEM & KNIGHT (@novemknight).

Feed: Her feed was built on showcasing her sense of style. She posts a lot of street style photos displaying her favourite items of the moment. She includes updates about her YouTube channel, love life with her fiancé and significant life updates – as she is a mom to be. There are many pictures of places to eat in London, where to shop, and the best coffee shops you must try while in the UK. She offers wonderful advice on how to wear a particular item and how to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Why I love her: I love Samantha’s take on street style. I think she has a great fashion sense, one that is edgy and innovative. She has the ability to use simple patterns and items to create something truly unique and captivating. I love how her pictures are photographed. She includes positive posts and maintains a fashionable positive image of herself that is truly inspiring. If I’m in need of inspiration, I usually just scroll through her photos and try to recreate one of her outfits.

  1. Mika Francis (@mikafrancis)

Fresh as a 🌸

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Who: A vegan, traveler fashion YouTuber/blogger.

Feed: Her feed shows all the amazing places she travels to, showing how she is able to style her clothes based on the geographic location. She is a hippie at heart who loves the festival life. She embraces and displays her own sense of festival attire. She likes to take risks by wearing revealing dresses and almost bizarre clothing. For instance, pure diamond dresses and black leather pants with white-stencilled flames. She absolutely loves glitter and she pulls a lot of her outfit ideas from pop culture. She is wild, intriguing and quite different from the “normal” fashion blogger.

Why I love her: I love how she is different when it comes to fashion. She likes to take risks and make herself noticeable. She does not wear simple items but instead, chooses the pieces that bring out her personality, which is wild, positive and living life to the fullest. She is so unique in her choices, teaching her followers to step outside of their comfort zone to fully embrace themselves. Also, she helped me a lot in the summer when I did attend festivals, she is the best person to follow if want to know how to stand out and embrace the glitter life.


Header Photo: Man Repeller

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