Another New Year, But What’s New?


Another year has gone by and of course, all of us will reflect on what we want to achieve and improve on for 2017. Every year I tell myself, it’s time to get it together and actually change some of these habits that I have been trying to change for months. Even though these goals work pretty well for me during the first month or two, I always struggle to stay focused on the goals I wish to achieve as the year goes by. Many times it even feels like I have forgotten them completely. So I tried to look for new ways to improve because after all, it’s a new year.

I came across this simple, yet brilliant idea. The Bullet Journal. This journal offers a versatile layout for planning, tracking, and jotting down notes. As I looked more and more on the Internet, I was inspired. I found so many creative layouts that inspired me to start a journal myself. The bullet journal can be purchased at Chapters Indigo.

LEUCHTTURM 1917 - bullet journal
Photo: Chapter’s Indigo

Although it may be a bit pricey,  a little investment into organization will go a long way. But if you don’t want to purchase the official bullet journal, a notebook of your choice will always work. Personally, I just used an old dotted Muji notebook to start, which is also a more affordable option as well.

What inspired me the most to start journaling are the layouts that people share online. One of my favourite sites I encountered was  The layouts found on this site are so unique, yet functional. There is also an official Instagram account by the creator of The Bullet Journal.

For more inspiration, the official bullet journal website can be found here. Another source of inspiration I found is by Violette Bujo. Her layouts are simple yet chic.

Possibilities seem endless with this system of journaling, and what I like the most is that you can do it however you want. I think that the key for this year is to stay adhered to my goals and dedicate my full efforts into achieving them. Hopefully, this bullet journal will last me longer than just a month or two. I feel pretty optimistic about this year, as I channel my creative side into organizing my daily life.


Header Photo: @bulletjournal


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