More Money, Less Clothes


Minimalism seems to be the new buzz-word amid fashion icons and bloggers these days with people always looking for new ways to live happier lives with what we already have in our wardrobes. It can be overpowering at times, riffling through various amounts of clothing items that: a) you haven’t worn in the past 3 months, b) you don’t want to let go of because you’re waiting for the “perfect” time to wear it (newsflash, if the perfect time hasn’t happened yet, it never will) or c) you just don’t know how to cut down the size of your closet. If you can relate to any of the following, which I’m sure most of us can, then here is what I recommend you do.

Excluding your summer, and spring clothes, sort all of the fashion pieces you own (accessories, shoes, clothes, etc.) into 3 piles: the items you wear on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, the good condition items you need to get rid of because you just don’t like them anymore or they don’t fit, and the items that are stained and damaged and in need of being thrown out.

With the pile you want to keep, YAY! They are the chosen ones… Now hang them back up in your newly barren closet.

Now, with the pile of quality items you want to get rid of, here are some ways you can get rid of your clothes and feel great about it:

Photo: Carousell

This is a great app that allows you to sell any fashion item you want to get rid of to anyone on the app in the location of your choice. Selling items in London? No problem, just create your profile, set your location to London and take pictures of all the things you want to sell, and your items will be seen instantly on a massive platform of potential buyers. All messaging can be done in the app itself, and speaking from experience, this works!

Free and For Sale Facebook Page
If you don’t already know, Western has it’s own Free and For Sale page that collects hundreds of viewers per week. This is a great platform to sell to your fellow Westerners by allowing messaging to be done through Facebook as well as allowing you to price your items according to how much others think they’re worth to them.

Donate, Donate, Donate
With all of the leftover clothes that didn’t sell, donate them to be resold or to a local charity of your choice. If you’re in London, Western’s Fashion and Lifestyle Society is holding a Clothing Drive Fundraiser on January 19th. Or you can give to charities that accept donations year round such as Goodwill London and the Canadian Diabetes Association. Here’s how to a find a drop-off location nearest you:

Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline


Looking at your closet and knowing you wear everything you own on a regular basis is truly a wonderful feeling. From experience, it can be easy to confuse what you “need” with what you “want” so by taking a break from shopping, not only are you saving money but you are put in a position where you can truly be grateful for what you already have.

Header Photo: Un-fancy


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