Looking for a New Friend in 2017?


Have you been having difficulty with a friend? Or experienced a sense of disconnection with one of your roommates or one from your own friend group? Do you want to develop new friend making skills? Or simply you want to find new people to hit the bars with?Friendship apps like GirlCrew, Hey! VINA, and BumbleBFF are recent social media platforms that allow users to make connections with others – not to find a new person to hook up with, but a new friend that could positively impact your life for the better.


Promoting girl power- this app allows one female individual to find her own tribe or squad based on where she lives. This allows the user to feel connected to her sisters especially in desperate times while educating each other and advocating for equality and women empowerment.

How the app works: This app allows a female individual to join a Facebook group that is associated with the city she is living in where she can request to join a specific group for topics like travel, careers or fashion & beauty. Members can arrange dates ranging from nights out on the town to book clubs, catching a cup of coffee and career seminars. The app also encourages the user to introduce themselves to the group or browse and interact with posts to see what others are chatting or planning about. Even given the option to post an event – or check out the events that have already been organised.

Hey! VINA is an app designed to empower women to choose community over competition and use the benefits of a supportive global platform of amazing women just like them. This app is designed for women to find and make long lasting and fulfilling friendships online that can also create offline connection based on where you travel or move to or your current state in life or simply because you want to expand your social circle.

How the app works: Sign up for the app, it’s required to connect a personal Facebook account (confirms identity/that you’re female). Once connected,  fill out a six-question quiz regarding some of your personality traits like if you prefer coffee or tea or wine. This helps you build a profile where you can highlight what you’re looking for in a potential buddy – the app works almost identical to Tinder – swipe right if like the person and swipe left if not interested. Also as you swipe, you’ll be able to read profiles and determine if someone is a good addition or not to your own squad. The app will also pair you with “potential friend” based on mutual interest, and even make a suggestion on what your first activity as new friends might be. Over time, the app will release optional quizzes users can take, based on responses to the new quizzes can be shared with existing friends, and also again used within the app to pair you with potential new ones.

From the Hey! VINA website, CEO and founder, Olivia June Poole stated: “We hope women find their new best friends, traveling partners, brunch dates, wing girls, mommy friends, workout partners, etc. on the platform. The goal is for the app to work as an introduction tool, an easy way to step into a new place or new part of your life and easily find new friends who are similar to you.”

Bumble is commonly referred to as a dating app, where one will attempt or succeed in scoring a date or hook up, launched a new feature called “BumbleBFF.” This feature enables one to find a friend rather than a date online.

How the app works: The app is somewhat similar to a typical tinder app where you swipe right if you like the person but swipe left if not interested. Also just like Tinder if you haven’t made up your mind about a potential match, you can view one’s profile to see more photos and read brief bio (that is if they’ve written anything). This platform will also find “third-degree” acquaintances thanks to the Facebook connection associated with the app. Matches are usually high quality since it’s easy to see if you have similar interests or find the other attractive or not.

These apps should allow one to expand or make another friend in addition to their tribe or squad- the fact here is that these “friendship apps” prove that one can use the online community not just for finding a date or hook up, but just simply for finding a friend.

Happy friendship swiping!


Header Photo: GirlCrew


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