Blurred Lines: Unisex Trends on Campus


Do you ever find yourself shopping at a store “designated” for the opposite sex? Whether you define yourself as male or female or other, is there a certain clothing item that catches your eye that is not tied to the sexual orientation you identify with? I tend to ask myself these kinds of questions while I’m shopping for new clothes or looking for fashion inspiration. As I think back to my own style and what I wear on a day-to-day basis, my staple items are mostly bought from the men’s section or borrowed from my male friends. My favourite oversized jean jacket was taken from my roommate’s ex-boyfriend and to this day I’m still complimented on the item and admire the piece graciously. Even my military jacket that is one of my go-to items was bought in the men’s section of H&M because I thought it was much more stylish and appealing than what was on display for the women’s section.

I suddenly started to notice around campus that others no matter their gender wore pieces that blurred the sense of gender differentiated clothing. I saw female students wearing clothing that might have been identified as masculine, or men experimenting with more of the feminine style of clothing. I realized that androgynous style is a trend that the Western community has situated themselves into. I’m talking about gender neutral or unisex clothing that blurs the line between genders and tends to offer clothing items that that are appreciated by both men and women.

Photo: High Snobiety

Adidas Superstar Sneakers
Also known as “the white sneaker,” this trend is seen consistently around campus and usually accompanied with jeans of any style, a classic tee or even sportswear attire. This is one of the few trends that can give a student the comfort they need while on the endless treadmill of meeting school deadlines. By wearing these shoes, students can take on a sportier/casual chic look or even “ghetto urban” look. The sneakers are lovable simply because they’re comfortable, the bright white, thick sole and 3 black or coloured lines go perfectly with any look; they seriously go with everything even if you think they won’t, they do. The badass sneakers are visible around Western’s campus keeping the legacy of a retro vibe intact while giving more options to be versatile.


Baseball Caps
Baseball caps are worn within the Western community. The baseball hats come in solid colours or have the logo of one’s favourite sports team. Some of the favourites that I’ve seen on campus are for the Blue Jays or the Yankees. This trend can act as a saviour for both genders in case anyone is having a bad hair day or can’t find their winter hat and must keep their hair tamed against the powerful winds. Caps can work well with any outfits and add an extra touch of personality to one’s style.


Bomber Jackets
Bomber jackets- whether you borrowed or stole one or two from a boyfriend or girlfriend- is a staple item that is worn by both genders. Not only is this a unisex trend but is seen within the Western community. The jacket can be stylized in a personalized way and is a great coat for any season. This item can tie an entire outfit together whether going out for a night at Jack’s or trying to keep your sanity in check within the walls of Weldon. The jacket has attracted both men and women and allows one to capture a military vibe that can benefit anybody’s personal style.


Photo: Pinterest

Jogger Sweats
Comfort is key if you’re a university student, but having comfort and style is one easy way for a Mustang to stay sane while also looking fresh, even if you’re cramming for a final exam in a corner on campus. This item won’t make one student look lazy or incapable of being able to dress oneself appropriately; in fact, it will do the complete opposite. Western students are able to see that and take full advantage of the stylish yet comfortable pants. Especially during midterms or finals season, jogger sweats allow us to embrace style while also having comfort during anxiety-filled times. Joggers merge comfort and style and the trend is often paired with Adidas Superstar sneakers and Matt & Nat Fabi bags.


Photo: Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat Bags
Even if we’re students, we still all try to accept accessories into one’s day-to-day basis, and the one that is prominent is the Matt & Nat bags. These bags are vegan and environmentally friendly; the bags that are commonly seen around campus include the Aries and Fabi bags in a variety of colours. Regardless of what the student may be wearing, the bags are worn by both sexes and can truly tie one’s whole outfit together even if it consists of wearing jeans and a bomber jacket – giving one the hipster appeal they desire. Regardless, the bags add a touch of style to a student’s look.

These trends reveal the notion that the Western campus is on the board for blurring the distinction between gender clothing, which can be viewed as a way for one to be stylish while on school grounds or also as a social movement advocating for greater gender equality or freedom from social norms within our community.


Header Photo: Elle


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