You Should Be Following: iO Tillet Wright

JENNA HEBB You might recognize this lovely androgynous being from one of MTV’s more obscure shows, Suspect. iO Tillet Wright brings an undoubtedly new and refreshing perspective to the show and to MTV as a network. In my opinion, though, Suspect is probably the platform that least represents iO’s multi-faceted reality. He is an artist, an activist, a self-proclaimed nomad and a member of the … Continue reading You Should Be Following: iO Tillet Wright

Instagram’s Boys in Makeup


This year Covergirl Cosmetics named their first ever male brand ambassador, James Charles (@jamescharles). To many male makeup artists, amateur and professional, this was an enormous step towards breaking down the gender binary that exists in the wonderful world of makeup. However, James isn’t the only boy making waves in the beauty community. Continue reading “Instagram’s Boys in Makeup”