The Best YouTuber Merch

Teddy Fresh The beloved duo behind H3H3 Productions on YouTube has recently released a brand inspired by children’s wear and high fashion designs. Teddy Fresh uses bright colours and cute imagery to create a unique look that rivals high fashion brands that dare to experiment with childlike designs. Go to to purchase some Teddy Fresh and support Ethan and Hila, one of the most entertaining YouTubers … Continue reading The Best YouTuber Merch

Hollywood takes on the role of ‘Activist’ at the Oscars

KHARISSA EDWARDS At the 2018 Golden Globes, celebrities took a stand against the mistreatment of women by wearing all black. At the 2018 Grammy Awards, stars wore or carried white roses in solidarity with the ‘Time’s Up’ movement. Once again, Hollywood’s elite used their fame to champion an important issues in society. While a large emphasis was placed on the lack of female nominees, the … Continue reading Hollywood takes on the role of ‘Activist’ at the Oscars

The Bachelor Season 22 Fashion Highlights

ALISSE KELERTAS It’s Bachelor season ladies and gents! This means every Tuesday evening (I don’t have cable and can’t watch it live on Monday’s when it airs), I curl up on the couch with my roommate, indulge in a glass of wine (or two) and watch The Bachelor. I personally wouldn’t categorize myself as a romantic and I hate cheesy, mushy, gushy love talk, but … Continue reading The Bachelor Season 22 Fashion Highlights

Ellipsis Tattoos

MIRA WILLIAMSON You might have been noticing three minimalistic dots appearing on social media. They may have been grazing someone’s finger, wrist, ankle, or ribs. Tiny tattoos have become very popular recently. The cute and simple designs are artsy and look good. The three-dot trend (…) represents the punctuation symbol known as an ellipsis.   Grammatically, the ellipsis typically marks an omission, in a sentence … Continue reading Ellipsis Tattoos

Livia Firth: One of the most vocal and proactive leaders in sustainable fashion

BRITTANY CHANG-KIT Sustainable fashion has long been a topic of discussion in the world of fashion, with its fair share of recognition in the public eye as well as the occasional condemnation of animal fur brands. However, the topic of sustainable fashion has become a passive topic over the years; while there are small improvements, it has not become so mainstream as to completely change … Continue reading Livia Firth: One of the most vocal and proactive leaders in sustainable fashion

You Should Be Following: Yara Shahidi

IZZIE GHAFFARI-PARKER Yara Shahidi is without a doubt a name that you will be hearing for years to come. At 17 years old, she has already had a starring role as Zoey Johnson in the hit ABC sitcom “black-ish,” for which she won a NAACP Image Award in 2014, and is now leading the show’s spin-off, “grown-ish,” which follows Zoey as she deals with starting … Continue reading You Should Be Following: Yara Shahidi

The Hairy Truth About Your Extensions

ALISSE KELERTAS Do you know where your hair extensions are coming from? Hair extension have become a very popular beauty trend over the past decade. Most celebrities or social media “influencers” you see these days are wearing them. While some are made from animal hair or synthetic materials, most high end extensions are actually made from human hair. In 2008, an eye opening documentary titled Hair … Continue reading The Hairy Truth About Your Extensions

Shane Dawson Conspiracy

NATHAN OLSZEWICKI There is a developing controversy that began at the beginning of  this month related to one pioneer of YouTube, Shane Dawson. Unfortunately, there was a video made that spliced audio clips from an old podcast for the purpose of accusing Dawson of being a pedophile. A video was circulated on twitter titled Proof: Shane Dawson is a Pedophile.  The video was taken from YouTube, … Continue reading Shane Dawson Conspiracy

The Aftermath of Logan Paul

NATHAN OLSZEWICKI After more than a week, and hundreds of videos critiquing Logan Paul’s entire trip to Japan and his shocking vlog in the suicide forest, YouTube responded to the controversy. It is certainly not the fall of Logan Paul, but penalties for his actions are being forced upon him. In an extremely vague Twitter thread, pictured below, YouTube shared to the community that actions … Continue reading The Aftermath of Logan Paul

Broadway Costume: Fashion in the Limelight

BRITTANY CHANG-KIT Costumes are integral in any stage production. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words – a costume can convey a character’s mood, circumstance, and personality. Is it even possible to imagine Bizet’s Carmen without Carmen’s legendary red dress? Does Phantom of the Opera deliver the same effect without the Phantom’s signature white mask? In particular, a stage costume has to be eye-catching in … Continue reading Broadway Costume: Fashion in the Limelight