Compassionate Consumerism

HAILEY SCHOENFELD Every ethical business has a story. Who they are, what they do, and who they’re doing it for. Many businesses do what they do for the bottom line. They care too much about the profit they pocket at the end of the day. Contrastingly, there are companies out there who believe that the impact they make on the community means something much bigger … Continue reading Compassionate Consumerism

You Should Be Following: iO Tillet Wright

JENNA HEBB You might recognize this lovely androgynous being from one of MTV’s more obscure shows, Suspect. iO Tillet Wright brings an undoubtedly new and refreshing perspective to the show and to MTV as a network. In my opinion, though, Suspect is probably the platform that least represents iO’s multi-faceted reality. He is an artist, an activist, a self-proclaimed nomad and a member of the … Continue reading You Should Be Following: iO Tillet Wright

You Should be Following: Julie Houts

LUCY CLARKE It is undeniable that meme accounts on Instagram are hilarious, relatable, and have you tagging your roommates in the comment sections at 3 in the morning. You may think that it can’t possibly get better than photos of Joe Biden ‘pranking’ Trump or Kim Kardashian’s infamous crying face but it can! And it does. Freelance illustrator, Julie Houts combines the humorous relatability of … Continue reading You Should be Following: Julie Houts

I Feel Like Pa(blo)ying for Good Quality Clothes…

HAILEY SCHOENFELD Ever wonder how you can get your hands on a pair of Yeezys? Or even an OVO 6ix God hat? Regardless of the authenticity of the article of clothing or shoes that “rappers turned fashion moguls” produce, the demographic of 18-25 year-olds today eat it up without question. Undeniably, the hottest trends in the current fashion market proliferate from the Rap and Hip … Continue reading I Feel Like Pa(blo)ying for Good Quality Clothes…