Emma Watson’s New Instagram


For her Beauty and the Beast press tour, Emma Watson has created a very own Instagram dedicated to her outfits. Continue reading “Emma Watson’s New Instagram”


Fashion Industry Sends an Empowering Message

SITONG SUN Traditionally, we tune into fashion month to watch models walk down runways and to catch a glimpse of the season’s newest trends. This year, many shows involve aspects that challenge the United States’ current political environment. With a divide occurring within the country, designers, models and celebrities send a message about the importance of inclusiveness in not only fashion, but throughout the world. … Continue reading Fashion Industry Sends an Empowering Message

The New Badass #BaldAndBadChallenge

CHRISTINA CHAN Unlike the other challenges of 2016, such as the mannequin challenge and the “100 layers” challenge, it is finally time for one that empowers women to sweep the social media scene. #BaldAndBad is going viral on Twitter as women come together to embrace their natural hair lengths. Long hair has always been the ideal for many, but thanks to the Bald and Bad … Continue reading The New Badass #BaldAndBadChallenge