A Brief Look at Festival Fashion

BRITTANY CHANG-KIT It’s Coachella season, and that means it’s time for festival goers to dress up their best and boldest. Temporary tattoos, glitzy stickers and fringe – but how did this signature contemporary festival style come to be? When we think “Coachella”, “Osheaga” or “ Glastonbury”, why is it that the most common image is bohemian pants and pointed suede booties? For starters, we need … Continue reading A Brief Look at Festival Fashion

When does cultural inspiration turn into cultural appropriation?

LISA ANTAO There have been several controversies over the past few years when designers and retailers have faced backlash for cultural appropriation in their collections. Some may say it’s just inspiration and should be considered a compliment when specific garments and patterns from traditional cultures are used in mainstream fashion. Others argue it is is just disrespectful, especially if there are historical traditions and customs … Continue reading When does cultural inspiration turn into cultural appropriation?

Pocket Full of Nothing

MIRA WILLIAMSON It’s a more depressing take on Natasha Bedingfield’s classic, but I just want to know why women drew the short straw in the pocket department. When our pockets aren’t sewn shut, they aren’t big enough to hold anything other than Chapstick or some money. I still wouldn’t trust putting anything in them; it’ll fall out. Picture this: you’re at work, and you go … Continue reading Pocket Full of Nothing

Strong, Subtle Statments

JONATHAN NG People tend to think that there are two ways of dressing: you can put together loud outfits and stand out or dress conservatively by choosing more minimalistic items. This, however, doesn’t work too well for the average guy: while most men do want to attract some attention, few individuals want to be stared at for an entire day. However, attention is a spectrum, … Continue reading Strong, Subtle Statments

Five Style Differences I’ve Noticed On My Year Abroad in Canada

IZZIE GHAFFARI-PARKER For those of you who don’t know, I’m an exchange student here, at Western, from the University of Leeds in the UK. So, as my year abroad comes to an end, I thought it might be fun to share a few differences I’ve noticed about how people dress at uni in Canada vs the UK. Disclaimer: I’m not trying to offend any Canadians … Continue reading Five Style Differences I’ve Noticed On My Year Abroad in Canada

The Best Moments from A/W 2018 Fashion Week

IZZIE GHAFFARI-PARKER Christopher Bailey’s LGBTQ-inspired Finale at Burberry  Christopher Bailey’s final collection for Burberry was one of the mostly hotly anticipated shows at this season’s London Fashion Week, and it’s safe to say he delivered. Bailey stated in a press release — aptly written in rainbow coloured type — that his final show would be “dedicated to — and in support of — some of the best … Continue reading The Best Moments from A/W 2018 Fashion Week

Lessons from a London (England) Runway

BRITTANY CHANG-KIT Fashion and Lifestyle Society’s fashion show, Ellipsis, recently took place, so I thought it’d be the perfect time to comment on a similar event. I’ve recently had the fortune of visiting London, England, and one of the highlights of my trip was spontaneously attending a fashion show/party hybrid. It was the presentation of Alexandra Roman‘s—a semi-luxury, semi-trend brand based in the heart of London—newest collection. … Continue reading Lessons from a London (England) Runway

Molly Burke Smiling

Molly Burke: Beauty Beyond Looks

ALISSE KELERTAS Molly Burke is one remarkable woman. Not only is she a highly successful motivational speaker at the young age of 23, she also has over 200,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel. Oh, and did I mention she’s blind? When Burke turned 4 years old she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare retinal disease causing loss of vision. By the age of 14, Burke … Continue reading Molly Burke: Beauty Beyond Looks

Fashion Nova: The Rise of Influencer Fashion

KHARISSA EDWARDS Since launching in 2014, Fashion Nova has become a constant presence on social media. The exclusively online fashion brand boasts 10.4 million followers on their main Instagram account and 1.2 million followers on Fashion Nova Curve, their plus-sized sister range. The brand adds over 600 new styles on a weekly basis. Fashion Nova represents a completely new way of appealing to shoppers. They’ve … Continue reading Fashion Nova: The Rise of Influencer Fashion

Let’s Talk About Valentino

BRITTANY CHANG-KIT My grade 6 class speech consisted of some very nervous mumbling, continual verbal stumbles and shaky hands. But, although I was (arguably) not the best speech-giver out there, I understood my topic as best as an 11 year old could have. I strayed away from the typical speech topics (e.g. cellphone use, bullying… etc.) and chose to ramble on a subject entirely novel. … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Valentino