Strong, Subtle Statments

JONATHAN NG People tend to think that there are two ways of dressing: you can put together loud outfits and stand out or dress conservatively by choosing more minimalistic items. This, however, doesn’t work too well for the average guy: while most men do want to attract some attention, few individuals want to be stared at for an entire day. However, attention is a spectrum, … Continue reading Strong, Subtle Statments

Five Style Differences I’ve Noticed On My Year Abroad in Canada

IZZIE GHAFFARI-PARKER For those of you who don’t know, I’m an exchange student here, at Western, from the University of Leeds in the UK. So, as my year abroad comes to an end, I thought it might be fun to share a few differences I’ve noticed about how people dress at uni in Canada vs the UK. Disclaimer: I’m not trying to offend any Canadians … Continue reading Five Style Differences I’ve Noticed On My Year Abroad in Canada

Lessons from a London (England) Runway

BRITTANY CHANG-KIT Fashion and Lifestyle Society’s fashion show, Ellipsis, recently took place, so I thought it’d be the perfect time to comment on a similar event. I’ve recently had the fortune of visiting London, England, and one of the highlights of my trip was spontaneously attending a fashion show/party hybrid. It was the presentation of Alexandra Roman‘s—a semi-luxury, semi-trend brand based in the heart of London—newest collection. … Continue reading Lessons from a London (England) Runway

Let’s Talk About Valentino

BRITTANY CHANG-KIT My grade 6 class speech consisted of some very nervous mumbling, continual verbal stumbles and shaky hands. But, although I was (arguably) not the best speech-giver out there, I understood my topic as best as an 11 year old could have. I strayed away from the typical speech topics (e.g. cellphone use, bullying… etc.) and chose to ramble on a subject entirely novel. … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Valentino

The Secret to Effortless Style: The Interchangeable Wardrobe

JONATHAN NG There’s an iconic scene in the Great Gatsby where the titular protagonist leads Daisy to his bedroom and flaunts his incredible wealth by showcasing his opulent wardrobe. Gatsby, elevated on a balcony, throws a copious amount of clothes over his bannister to his guest. Throughout, the viewer becomes aware or Gatsby’s enormous wardrobe – the character possesses a closet that would rival the … Continue reading The Secret to Effortless Style: The Interchangeable Wardrobe

Modern Slave? Unpaid Worker? – The Dark Side of the Fashion Industry

MADDY BOOTH It’s no secret that there is a dark side to the fashion industry – it’s commonly well known that most fashion is produced by workers toiling away in near slave-like conditions in developing countries around the globe. What may come as a surprise to many is that the dark side exists not only among the poorer people involved in the fashion industry but … Continue reading Modern Slave? Unpaid Worker? – The Dark Side of the Fashion Industry

Fashion. Not Synonymous With Style.

JONATHAN NG In today’s society, the terms “fashion” and “style” are used interchangeably. Calling another individual fashionable or stylish conveys a near-identical compliment: that they are well-dressed. However, I believe that there is a clear distinction that adherents of sartorial excellence should be aware of. While stylish dressers often make use of fashion to enhance their outfits, the trend-setters in fashion do not always exude … Continue reading Fashion. Not Synonymous With Style.