Molly Burke Smiling

Molly Burke: Beauty Beyond Looks

ALISSE KELERTAS Molly Burke is one remarkable woman. Not only is she a highly successful motivational speaker at the young age of 23, she also has over 200,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel. Oh, and did I mention she’s blind? When Burke turned 4 years old she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare retinal disease causing loss of vision. By the age of 14, Burke … Continue reading Molly Burke: Beauty Beyond Looks

The Social Media Stars Breaking Gender Norms

IZZIE GHAFFARI-PARKER Taking a look at some of the social media influencers who defy gender stereotypes daily through fashion and beauty… Patrick Starrr With 3.4 million YouTube subscribers, Patrick Starrr is perhaps the most famous male beauty guru on the internet. Starrr says that his interest in makeup was sparked whilst playing around with Photoshop in high school, adding lipstick and mascara to photos. He … Continue reading The Social Media Stars Breaking Gender Norms

Social Media & The Case for Inclusive Makeup

KHARISSA EDWARDS As a dark skinned black female, shopping for makeup, specifically foundation, is always somewhat distressing. Before Fenty Beauty launched, walking into Sephora to see shades upon shades that were nowhere near my skin tone was frustrating. Many cosmetic companies continue to exclude women of colour from their shade range thus it didn’t surprise me when Tarte Cosmetics came under fire for their Shape … Continue reading Social Media & The Case for Inclusive Makeup

MAC’s Animal Testing Controversy

There has been a long debate in the beauty and animal rights communities about whether or not MAC is a brand that is worth supporting. This debate recently made headlines again when Sia; a well known singer-songwriter, vegan, and animal rights activist; teamed up with MAC to create a Viva Glam Sia Warm, Vivid Red Matte lipstick. This lipstick was released on January 25th, 2018 and all … Continue reading MAC’s Animal Testing Controversy