Compassionate Consumerism


Every ethical business has a story. Who they are, what they do, and who they’re doing it for. Many businesses do what they do for the bottom line. They care too much about the profit they pocket at the end of the day. Contrastingly, there are companies out there who believe that the impact they make on the community means something much bigger than the payoff. Empowerment, altruism, and love are common themes that arise from ethical companies but the most common theme among them all is passion. Without passion for a cause, there would be no ethical companies in existence today.

One passionate company in particular has caught my eye and has made a profound impact on my outlook about shopping ethically. It goes by the name of Tribe of Lambs.

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With a thorough background working in Canada’s fashion industry, Bobbi Paidel created Tribe of Lambs in 2014, a social entreprise with 100% of profits being returned to compassion projects for HIV-Positive children in India. Her company runs on the values of people, quality, and love, which are all deeply enrooted in her business model of providing sustainable and beautiful products with the goal of helping HIV-Positive children receive access to proper health care, housing, education, and public services.

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When I first met Bobbi, she absolutely blew me away with the heart-warming energy she exudes and the humble attitude she carries with her. Her journey across the globe led her to stumble upon Rays Children’s Home, a supportive environment where HIV Positive Children are provided with proper medical care, education, warm meals, exercise, and lots of love! The children that arrive at Rays Home come from all backgrounds; some with parents and some without, but at the end of the day, they all live live affected or infected with the HIV virus and the stigmas surrounding the virus in India. So it is Tribe of Lambs’ goal to expand Ray’s Home in order to give quality care to the many children in India who have HIV/Aids.

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Tribe of Lambs partners with local workshops in Jaipur and Pushkar, and provides women with self-employment opportunities. All of the fair trade pieces they sell are from partnerships with local cooperatives. From shirts, to canvas bags, to all sorts of women and unisex jewelry, there is something beautiful for everyone. Some of the most unique pieces come out of the fair trade operation Bobbi and her team have crafted. (See below)

Learning more about Bobbi’s story, she has reflected the kind of person I want to be and the entrepreneur I want to become after graduating from Western University. And if there’s one thing Bobbi has shown me, it’s that you must fall passionately in love with something that strikes a chord within you, and transform that love into something larger than life.

Instagram: @tribeoflambs


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